The $100 box of Chocolate

November 25, 2007


I haven’t been to the gym in months, and yes, I’m getting a bit doughy. I admit it! I’m kinda watching what I eat; no cake (except if Raji forces me), no ice cream (unless its on Sweet Potato pie) and especially no chocolate (gateway drug for people with a sweet-tooth). I stuck fast to these rules until last week, when a client introduced me to the deceptively named Omanhene Bean Co.

Despite its name, the company does not in fact sell any beans. Its a purveyor of edible kryptonite, elegantly packaged and swiftly delivered. The company is a vendor of chocolaty goodness in a array of temping formulations, from bars to powders, all grown and processed in a manner that makes the “good doers” at UNESCO proud.

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ZapMeals: Closing the Gap Betwen Mouse and Tummy

June 22, 2007

zapmeals.jpgA great new Web 2.0 launch that plans on revolutionizing the restaurant and take-out industries. The start-up has an amazingly ambitious plan to help restaurants and home cooks monetize they excess capacity and inventory while delivering quality, low-cost food options. This is an amazing long-tail opportunity that I never even saw coming. Basically the company connects local buyers and sellers of meals, while redefining who the sellers can be (anyone who likes to cook) and offering their services to a global buying audience. This is one company I’m going to watch intently! Check out their presentation and you’ll see why I cant wait for it to launch!

The Newst Soda Craze, Cucumber

June 14, 2007

pepsi_ice_cucumber_1.jpgAll sorts of new flavors and products are being pushed by the manufactures of America’s beverage based obesity, These purveyors of liquefied, sugar based crack, have been at the forefront of American culinary innovation since the 1950’s and the streak continues. Last week Pepsi released a brand new flavor sure to be a hit across the globe. No longer are they following the crowd and mining the fruit world for the latest taste sensation, no Pepsi is expanding into the vegetable world. Pepsi’s latest drink, released last week, is the Ice Cucumber. Thats right cucumber soda. Yummy. The good folks at of Akihabaranews had a taste and liked it as did the folks at Slash Food. Justin Chan and the folks at India Inc. were a bit more weired out.