Things that make you go hmmm…

May 11, 2007

“The notion that somehow the new kids on the block are taking over I think is a false notion. Ten years from now, our companies will be here; I’m not so sure about the new kids on the block.”

This statement was uttered earlier this week by future friend to the site and TimeWarner CEO, Dick Parson (strangely he has no Wikipedia entry). Of course he is right. 10 years from now TimeWarner, Viacom, News Corp, Sony and the rest will still be around. Just like radio didnt put newspapers out of business, it just made them smaller and less relevant, the “new kids on the block” wont put old media out of business. Smaller and less relevant…

Good News/Bad News: Joost Gets $45 Million, Networks get Fewer Viewers

May 11, 2007

Good news: Today Joost announced they raised $45 million bucks with power VC firm’s from around the globe and a YouTube hating media giant. The deal brings together Index Ventures of the EU, Sequoia Capital of Silicon Valley fame, and the Li Ka-shing foundation run by Hong Kong based billionaire, Li Ka-shing. The international focus of the money flowing into the coffers of Joost is telling as is the participation of the GooTube hating crew at Viacom. The real shocker isnt that Joost got a butt load of money, its that with all the MBA’s, consultants, researchers, futurist and pundits, that are employed by the media companies only Viacom was smart or savvy enough to get in on the deal.

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Wi-fi Uses at the Edge (of Goood Taste)

May 8, 2007


Thanks to the Thrill List I came across a wonderful new product that makes innovative use of Wi-fi. Innovation people, innovation. Some enterprising adult products vendor has combined the expensive frilly things men buy for women with a Wi-fi enabled vibrator. The result is $100 dollar panties that can be made to hum and buzz, from a distance of 20 feet, theoretically bringing that special lady in your life a down-low, high-tech thrill.

Playing with Joost Ads and Channels

May 8, 2007

screenhunter_002.jpgToday I discovered something really interesting on Joost, ad’s. Thats right apparently they are starting to play with interesting ads on the service. From the initial ads that have been served to me the good folks at Joost seem to be toying with a few different models. So far I’ve seen three different types of ads: The first was your standard linear TV styled 10-30 second clip inserted within shows. I also saw AdBrite styled graphic ads that hovvered on the bottom of the screen for a few seconds and the disappeared. There was also smaller interactive logos of sponsoring companies that appear at the top of the page but I only saw a few of these and wasnt fast enough to grab a screen. Read the rest of this entry »

Digg Bows to Spontaneous User Protest

May 4, 2007

A must read article over at on the Digg rebellion and its outcome. Two items that I think are really interesting and deserve more thought:
1) spontaneous user protest
2) siding with your users is a winning strategy

DVD’s, cracked. HD-DVD’s, cracked. Blu-Ray disk’s, cracked. There has to come a point where the movie guys realize that the effort and cost associated with trying to bottle up content isnt worth it. The main question shouldnt how do I protect my content, it should be how do I help people access and use my content, what are they willing to pay for and how much are they willing to pay.