PrimeTimeRewind: Masses get cool new opiate delivery system.

March 10, 2008


I rarely watch TV, but I do consume a bunch of TV programming. The internet is the primary supplier of my weekly dose of cognitive crack (ie Dexter, BSG, Pushing Dasies, Avatar). From TV station websites, to Joost, Hulu, TVTorrent and various other aggregated sites (ie there are lots of ways to get your TV fix online. The sheer number of ways to get TV content online is a big part of the problem with the networks online distribution efforts. Enter, PrimeTimeRewind, a new site which pulls together many of the various free (and sanctioned) online sources of content and puts them all into one rather interesting interface.

Drawing content from the websites of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA and TNT, PrimeTimeRewind aggregates, organizes and displays the content from these sites within a unique interface. Rather then a TV or channel metaphor, the site uses a cube (with seven horizontal faces…) as a central interface element. Thumbnails of the shows are displayed on the cube face for easy selection. Rotate the cube on its horizontal axis and programming from different stations is displayed, rotate the cube on its vertical axis and different genres of TV programming gets displayed. Simple, straight forward, organized and centered on TV shows. Perhaps this is something one of the networks should have been brave enough to launch.

Riya2.0: When Web Commerce goes Hollywood

November 9, 2006

Munjal Shah is a genius. Well to be more specific “Lisa and Laura” at his PR firm, are geniusi, geniuses. When was the last time you saw someone get front page promo in the WSJ and a profile on press release hit the wires (for an alpha application no less)? If you needed a sign that Bubble 2.0 was in full effect this might be a good one.
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