The Newst Soda Craze, Cucumber

June 14, 2007

pepsi_ice_cucumber_1.jpgAll sorts of new flavors and products are being pushed by the manufactures of America’s beverage based obesity, These purveyors of liquefied, sugar based crack, have been at the forefront of American culinary innovation since the 1950’s and the streak continues. Last week Pepsi released a brand new flavor sure to be a hit across the globe. No longer are they following the crowd and mining the fruit world for the latest taste sensation, no Pepsi is expanding into the vegetable world. Pepsi’s latest drink, released last week, is the Ice Cucumber. Thats right cucumber soda. Yummy. The good folks at of Akihabaranews had a taste and liked it as did the folks at Slash Food. Justin Chan and the folks at India Inc. were a bit more weired out.