IFPI gives big discounts to keep customers

March 14, 2008


Earlier this week the IFPI, a global music lobbing organization best known for being less effective and more costly then the RIAA, dropped its membership dues in order to keep label partners from jumping ship. The organization charges ungodly sums of money to the labels to get marginal democracies to seize peoples CD burners. Variety has the full story here.

IFPI Taken over by The Pirate Bay!

October 16, 2007

IFPI via The Pirate Bay

The good folks at Mashable have picked-up the story on what has to be the best set-up for a prank ever. It appears that the domain IFPI.com has fallen into the hands of the merry swashbuckling crew at The Pirate Bay. The domain IFPI.org still goes to the older IFPI site, belonging to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. However now the domain IFPI.com takes you to the International Federation of Pirates Interest. Now that sounds like an interesting organization. I wonder what their membership dues are. For those that dont know, the IFPI is the international version of the RIAA and has been trying to shutdown the Pirate Bay for years.

The original story came from Ernesto over TorrentFreak.