Long time reader, first time blogger, I’ve worked in and around digital media since 1994.

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good questions, listener, online venturing, effectuation, digital distribution, research junkie, blogger, urban entertainment, participatory media, devout skeptic, selling as service, entrepreneurial, start-ups, relationship development, strategist, mocketing, change agent, reciprocity, Internet veteran, 347-729-7912, extrovert, critical thinker, experiential learner, social networks, ENFP, father, iconoclast, execution orientated, hyper-user, MBA, digital architect, Music 2.0, new product development, brandalism, rapid prototyping, indie content, passionate, beta-tester

9 Responses to Me

  1. ranjana says:

    i think your insight / discovery that the ‘mash up’ are getting more hits than the individual blog sites is an eye opener. in the last few days i have been researching and finding my way around web2.0 and whats happening in this world. and i have discovered amazing stuff thats happeing… out there which i was unaware of. your analogy of the technorati with indian caste system is interesting.

  2. Al Haji says:

    Keep on working but make sure that while you think for yourself that you don’t encourage them to help you also work for yourself!!

  3. Siddiq Bello says:

    Thats called getting dueced… and its certainly a consideration.

  4. John Clark says:

    Good website and interesting thoughts, but is the spelling, punctuation, etc., intentional? As my teachers always reminded me – and it worked – ‘room for improvement’.

  5. james says:

    hi there.

    I would like to speak with you further about your site and the chance to work together. Please email me back about this and we can talk further.



  6. davidhead says:

    I wonder if you would be kind enough to consider becoming one of our ‘1001 bloggers’ at

    My apologies if I’ve asked you this before. Through the site we are hoping to link 1001 people who blog regularly and I picked up your blog through the ‘blogosphere’ tag on the wordpress homepage.

    Please take a look and consider joining. Let me know what you think.

    Do email me at david [at] if you would like to know more. If you can link to the site or forward this message to others I’d be very grateful.

    Kind regards

    david [at]

  7. Jahnique says:

    hey what’s up im sorta new to this so don’t laugh at my message. Im 11 years old, I have alot of friends I didn’t type in my actual adress and I usually tend to streach the truth sometimes and telling this message im not even on a computer I have the internet on my brothers PSP and he doesn’t know.He’s leaving to go to a yugio card tournament in a few minutes. thank godness well enough about me tell me about yourself.

  8. emosko says:


    My name is Jesse and I stumbled upon your WordPress blog several days ago. I have noticed that you are not posting to your blog regularly anymore and have not posted to it in a long time. In light of this I was wondering if you might be interested in selling it.

    Please get back to me and let me know either way.


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