The $100 box of Chocolate

November 25, 2007


I haven’t been to the gym in months, and yes, I’m getting a bit doughy. I admit it! I’m kinda watching what I eat; no cake (except if Raji forces me), no ice cream (unless its on Sweet Potato pie) and especially no chocolate (gateway drug for people with a sweet-tooth). I stuck fast to these rules until last week, when a client introduced me to the deceptively named Omanhene Bean Co.

Despite its name, the company does not in fact sell any beans. Its a purveyor of edible kryptonite, elegantly packaged and swiftly delivered. The company is a vendor of chocolaty goodness in a array of temping formulations, from bars to powders, all grown and processed in a manner that makes the “good doers” at UNESCO proud.

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