Literary sensation Margaret B. Jones immortalized on YouTube

April 29, 2008

Hip Hop veteran and habitual scowler, Harry Allen, has an “exclusive” video of literary sensation Margaret B. Jones on YouTube, she discuss her upbring on the mean streets of LA and her new book Love and Consequences. The video is excellent as it is one of the few were we get to see Margaret Seltzer in full ghetto mode, using authentic street slang straight from BAP’s and Colors. The book can still be purchased at amazon and carries the description below, made all the more funny by the controversy surrounding the book: A stunning memoir of a mixed-race girl growing up in gang-ridden South Central Los Angeles, where she followed her foster brothers into the Bloods before she hit puberty: what she witnessed, how she survived, and-against all odds-thrived.

Friday Funny: A message to democrats

April 24, 2008

Someone give that girl a napkin

March 14, 2008

Another awesome ImprovEverywhere skit enlivens the day of food court patrons.

Ireland trades festival tixs for Sperm: Sells out in a day

March 14, 2008


With sperm donations down nearly 40% over the last 4 years in Ireland, a new site has begun offering tickets to any music festival in Europe to men who make a deposit. Deposits are made via special containers obtained from the site and a courier network which delivers the containers back to the company. Men across Europe have responded to the call and have inundated the site with request for the donation containers. After only a day the site owners posted a note saying they were shutting down the pilot program:

The purpose of this website was to test market interest through a pilot scheme. Applications for donation packs have far exceed the expectations.

Our clients are calling a halt to the invitation to apply for packs, and will review the results of the scheme to decide on how to proceed.

Via: NME

Tear out my eyes. Uncle Dirty is showing thong and I cant look away!

March 5, 2008

I’m not new to the power of online images or the stories that can be told through them. I love to watch the ever evolving photo-essays that occur on Flickr (eg here, here, here and here) and see people try and capture their emotions through digital SLR. Photography democratized. Now we all have the language. However, this morning I came across something a bit different on Boing Boing. It’s one of the most disturbingly attractive photo-essays ever and you should consider long and hard before reading further.

It starts with an age old story. A once great man, holds onto the glories of a long lost past, with mixed results. Much humor and a fair bit of horror ensue. The images in Mike Belleme photo-essay Uncle Dirty had me riveted. Chances are they will both intrigue and horrify you, in addition to possibly getting you fired from your job.

Barack Obama Future President and Former Vampire Slayer

February 18, 2008

It started back in June of ’07 with “I Got a Crush on Obama” and culminated in “Yes We Can“, people from all walks of life have taken Barak Obama’s message, reimagined it and then shared it with millions of their closest friends via the internet. That trend shows no signs of letting up as we get closer to election day. The latest in this trend is a short-film called Barackula. Made by first-time filmmaker Mike Lawson it promises to be an interesting indie media look at the early years of the future president. I’m hoping that its as interesting as their blog makes it sound, the movie was supposed to be released online yesterday but still isnt up and I cant wait to see it.

Barackula is a short political horror rock musical about young Barack Obama having to stave off a secret society of vampires at Harvard when he was inducted into presidency at the Harvard Law Review in 1990. Obama (Justin Sherman) finds that he must convince the vampire society that opposing political philosophies can coexist or else the society may transform Obama to the dark side. Reminiscent to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and a slight infusion of Jesus Christ Superstar, the film solely depicts Obama’s strengths, merits and genuineness while being quietly respectful towards the other presidential candidates.

Obama and McCain battle it out on YouTube

February 11, 2008

The nature of the medium has changed the tenor of the message. Two videos posted this month to YouTube show the power and potential impact of online messaging. The first is’s inspirational probama (pro-Obama) video which has attracted millions of people with its moving subtext, great music, beautiful celebrities and grass-roots, folksy nature.

The truly transformative power of Internet messaging is its ability to level of the playing field and allow all voices to be heard. Seizing on this power, a group of political activist supporting John McCain, have posted an inspirational and moving video of their own. While lacking some of the production qualities of the video, its another moving example of how the Interent is giving voice to impassioned, but previously voiceless Americans.