New Survey Reveals Women Just as Selfish as Men

November 7, 2007

Hats off to Amber McCracken, who knows how to write a press release headline. This top notch PR Flack for the National Womens Health Resource Center managed to write a headline that was so good, it jumped off the page, grabbed my eyeballs and forced them to scan a 12 page executive summary of something I have no interest in. What was it?

New Survey Challenges the Theory That Women Strive to Take Care of Everyone Except Themselves

How could I resist the possibility of finding definitive proof that women were just as selfish as men? I couldn’t, thats how. Being the consummate professional, Amber created another headline for an audience apparently more interested in helping women then I was because i didnt even glance at it twice.

Minority Women More Likely to Link Good Health to Happiness, Spirituality and Family

It turns out that the rather then the chart heavy, management consulting drivel, I’m used to, the good folks at the NWHRC actually put out real information. Which in case you’ve never seen it, tends to be lengthy, verbose and a real snoozer, Amber’s catchy headline not withstanding, this report is no exception. I didn’t even make it all the way though the executive summary, which was 12 pages long. Not to worry I got a screen grab from one of the reports more interesting charts…the scale is from 1 (very poor) – 10 (excellent) .


Research Tuesday: Research from around the web

June 28, 2007

Ok, so research Tuesday became research Wednesday Thursday.

Males Love Video Long Time
It’s been a reading week for me. Lots of great stuff to mull over and help shape ones thinking about digital media. Lets start with a report by consultancy Frank N. Magid & Associates with the irresistibly tantalizing header “80% of 18 – 24 Males Watch Online Video“. Only 53% of their female counter-parts are watching an equal amount of video. The report goes on to claim that news clips are the most watched content type. Teenage cat fights, skating injuries and soft-core porn dont even chart according to the report thus greatly reducing its credibility. Via Digital Media Wire

Ladies Love Drunk Texting
Ever gotten a drunk text at 3am from a former girlfriend, proclaiming her undying love and mounting desire for you? Maybe this just happens to me… Well, thanks to a new survey put out by Samsung we now have some fun research on these women. Yup folks, the technocrats at Samsung have put out a pretty funny research report outlining some of the cell usage behaviors of single women. The title is a good indication of the rest of the report: “Single Mobile Females Find New BFF: Their Cell Phone“. It’s a funny fast read lite on details with blog worthy data pulls like 40% of women experience “text shame” the morning after texting while inebriated.

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Homeland Security cant tell LED from IED

February 1, 2007

Lite-Brite’s Shut-Down Beantown

That’s right folks Boston was brought to its knee’s yesterday by a number of suspicious looking devices planted all over the city. Police were called. Traffic was halted. Panic ensued, at least among panic prone politicos and Jack Bauer wanna-be ‘s. Thankfully, the bomb squad was called out and blew up a number of the devices. Yes thats right, the Bomb Squad! However, since the devices were LED not IED the Bomb Squad had to bring their own explosives with which to blow-up the devices.

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Roomy Condoms Bane of Indian Men

December 9, 2006

A study by the Indian council of medical research finds that the majority of men in India have penises too small for the condoms that are sold in the country. When was the last time some obscure Indian government agency commanded mention in a bunch of major news outlets? Could their thoughts on innovation, poverty, AID’s, violence or abortion be worthy of the worlds attention? Of course not. The bit of news from the Indian Council of Medical Research that caught the attention of the press was the results of a 2 year study on the size of Indian phallus’s in the city of Mumbai. It appears that for about 60% of the men in the city have an inch of extra room when using a standard condom and for 30% of the fellas in that city 2 inches of space of extra space after an erection is not uncommon.

This whole thing got started with an article in The Times of India proclaiming that “Indian men don’t measure up“. Reuters then picked up the thread with the somewhat more dignified headline “Oversized condoms annoy Indians but this was as good as it would get. The Short News (I cant make this up) in Germany, went with the headline “Standard Condoms too big For Indian Men” and News24 in South Africa went with “Too small for your condom“. But my favorite article is from the Kanucks at eCanadaNow, which ran a story entitled “Size is to Blameaccompanied by a picture of guy hanging his head in shame and disgrace (the one above). I probably would to if I had to face the Blogospheres withering take on this.