A better review of WebOS’s

June 19, 2007

Stan Schroeder over at Frantic Industries did a more though and in-depth review of the WebOS options then the blurp i posted a few days ago If your interested in how folks are expanding the functionality and depth of web applications, this post is about as insightful as they come.

Trade in your desktop for a shiny new webtop

June 11, 2007

Netvibes, Pageflakes, Superglu and iGoogle are all competing to become your universal start-page. These sites help you to aggregate all your favorite things (gossip blogs, news sites, opinion and web fluff) information sources into one place. As helpful as this is, and it is helpful, there is another more clandestine bunch of intrepid entrepreneurs working on creating the next generation website that will look more like your PC desktop then a personalized newspaper.

The two sites I’ve played with in these arena are YouOS and eyeOS, both are pretty interesting and functional for whats gotta be little more then a proof and concept. There is little to do on these sites besides create a folder or a note and see the vast gaping hole that has to be filled with software before either site is actually useful. In the meantime check out the browser based OS’s and see how you might be using computers in a couple of years.