Makin’ Money with MP3tunes

August 29, 2006

I love MP3tunes and when they announced that they were expanding their service to include 1GB of free music storage I thought it was a brilliant move. The MP3tune service is pretty simple, give them $40 bucks a year and you can upload all the music you have into a virtual “locker”. They store it for you, give you the software to synch it with a bunch of computers and they do deals to make it available via an ever expanding list of interenet connected devices. Its musical goodness.

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Friday Ends Russian MP3 Era

August 27, 2006

Hark, the end of the era of legally purchased MP3’s may be near. Tuesday Friaday could mark the end of as we know (and love) it. The service becomes subject to new rules dictated by Russian strong man Vladimir Putin on September 1st and the impact of these rules may result in sweeping changes for all Russian MP3 sites. While I’m no lawyer and I dont claim to understand the nuances of Russian Law, a cursory reading of the updated rules governing’s service seems to indicate that rights holders may have been given the right to individually license content to Given all the rabid FUD music industry mouthpieces have been spreading its unlikely they’ll offer any sort of licensing agreement and this would end sale of international content by the site. Read the rest of this entry »

Oh My God you gotta see OhMiBod…

August 23, 2006

This is just funny! A few months ago I posted about the iBuzz and today while tag surfing on WordPress I came across this post on bicyclefish. Its an funny, buzz worthy, amazing new product from the Suki LLC . The comedic potential of this product is tremendous especially with the plethora of attachments and accessories. This may very well be the words first social sex toy. The site encourages people to post their favorite iTunes playlists to share with others. The titles of the top 5 playlist on the site are:
#1 Music to hit a “Home Run”!
#2 Trip-Hop is the perfect beat to start or end your day!
#3 Can you feel it?
#4 The ultimate 3-some
#5 Hammerhead mix

Apparently I’m really late to this as its gotten a ton of press but the one question I have is, does the iPod supply enough power to really put the “O” OhMiBod? Do yourself a favor this morning and check out the pictures on their site. Its awesome!

Sony Buys Grouper, Turner Peddles Ads

August 23, 2006

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced today that they were buying, one of the 30 plus UGC video sites attempting to unseat YouTube as the King of crap collection. The deal puts $65 million in the coffers at Grouper and CEO, Josh Felser, gets to keep his job. They say they may move the company towards advertising in the future but have no current plans to change the sites model or structure. You can read the press release here or just marvel at the word-smithing of Grouper’s CEO below.

“When you pair Grouper’s innovative video sharing platform on the web and the desktop with Sony’s connected devices and copyrighted media you create a dynamic and exciting environment for consumers,” said Grouper CEO and co-founder Josh Felser. “We have an opportunity, as part of the Sony family, to bring together user-generated and copyrighted content across platforms and devices for the first time.”

Someone need to let Josh know that for the last 10 years user generated content has been little more then copyrighted content flying across platforms and devices without the permission of companies like, say, I dont know, SONY. Read the rest of this entry »

Suicide Watch: Music Industry Threatens Musicians

August 21, 2006

The ongoing saga of the music industries attempts at self-immolation, highlight what happens when luddite industries go digital. Everyone involved on the traditional side of the music industry seems to have become resistant to all forms of criticism, commentary and common sense. As the music industry continues its death march into irrelevance, it seems determined to antagonize every group it can, while it publicly implodes. The NY Times Puts it this way:

Now the industry is squaring off against a surprising new opponent: musicians.

According to this article in todays NY Times, several labels along with the music publishers union have been turned started to threaten sites that post, link to or allow users to post “guitar tabs”, info on where to put your fingers to play a certain song. Read the rest of this entry »

Timber! A Tower Falls, Labels to Follow

August 21, 2006

Its been coming for a few weeks now… In early August the LA Times reported (here or reg free here) that at least 3 labels had cut off Tower’s supply of overpriced plastic discs as a result of its failure to keep the checks flowing. Now, recently hired Tower CEO, Joseph D’Amico is making good on his promise to sell the company by declaring it bust and begging anyone with a checkbook and masochistic tendencies to take it off his hands. But dont worry the stores arent going to close since NARM thinks their swell and their bankers were willing to spot them $85 million. The full press release is here, my take on snippets of it are below. Check out the PDF’s of the various and sundry chapter 11 related fillings here. Read the rest of this entry »

Game Changing Gear

August 14, 2006

What makes certain gear game changing? First, it has to do something old in a new way. Second, its gotta be simple. Third, it has to chart a new direction. Memorex seems to have the right idea with the iFlip, a digital display device that instead of trying to be another iPod killer, is an ipod extender. Its a simple looking tool that does one thing, it lets you play your iPod videos on a better screen for a mere 200 bills. Sure its not perfect, screen resolution is passable but not stellar and the battery life is modest but it shows where things are going. Memorex could pop the same hardware into its TV sets and begin the process of cannibalising sales of its commoditized DVD’s with higher-margin digital products like a TV with iPod dock. its own lunch before someone else gets around to it. build the value of  of Storage is increasingly moving away from display Sweet. Smooches to the good folks at iLounge for the original posting with more info and images.