Cheating on Pandora with Musicovery

June 11, 2007

I’ve been a pretty loyal Pandora user for over a year now. I havent strayed to nor have I been tempted by, which is damned appealing. But for some reason Musicovery has now caught my eye. Maybe its SSP#1 thats got me into it, but after looking over the site last night I’ve become addicted. The simplest way to think of Musicovery is Pandora without the musical accuracy but with genre jumping and visualizations. Musicovery is a thick, sexy video vixen with pretty bad manners and no conversation, while Pandora is more like the cute girl next door that knows your favorite foods. Sure, eventually I’ll grow tired of Musicovery but for right now it sounds so good.

BumpTop: An Interesting Desktop Metaphor

April 14, 2007

I know they’re a bit old but I love the direction that this research is moving in. Check out the video of the BumpTop desktop application (the first video) and then look at the Pixel Play video (vid #2). You can see how the ideas evolve and converge and point to where this sort of thinking is heading. I personally cant wait for this stuff.