Master Minds Behind BitTorrents Phenominal Rise

October 26, 2006

Granny Pirate

I’ve got some good news and bad news for everyone worried about the .
Good news: People are ditching older P2P applications like Gnuttella, Limewire and eDonkey in droves.
Bad News: People are moving from these older applications to BitTorrent in bigger droves.
Since my rant on the “Torrent of TV Content” gushing from BitTorrent trackers earlier this year, I’ve been astonished by the growth of the network and the hundreds of sites that support its users.

Despite all the F.U.D. spread by the copyright industries, BitTorrent site administrators continue to put up trackers and build interesting front ends for downloading files. These sites have eclipsed the original application and its website in popularity. When anyone speaks of BitTorrent, they are actually talking about a loose knit amalgam of sites and administrators who account for the vast majority of the traffic on the network. Despite this fact, there has been no attention paid to these administrators and only nasty grams sent to the sites they run.

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The Torrent of TV Content

March 1, 2006

While reading an IBM white paper, ominously entitled "The end of Television as we know it ." I found myself thinking about what TV might look like in the coming years. What were some of the base assumptions that still aren't being challenged? How will consumers evolve, what will they be interested in purchasing, in what form and for how much? Alas, it'll take bigger brains with more time and resources to figure out these questions, then I have at my disposal. However, I can offer a view of one way that TV viewing is changing right now and what it may mean for the companies currently making millions from it. Read the rest of this entry »