Roomy Condoms Bane of Indian Men

December 9, 2006

A study by the Indian council of medical research finds that the majority of men in India have penises too small for the condoms that are sold in the country. When was the last time some obscure Indian government agency commanded mention in a bunch of major news outlets? Could their thoughts on innovation, poverty, AID’s, violence or abortion be worthy of the worlds attention? Of course not. The bit of news from the Indian Council of Medical Research that caught the attention of the press was the results of a 2 year study on the size of Indian phallus’s in the city of Mumbai. It appears that for about 60% of the men in the city have an inch of extra room when using a standard condom and for 30% of the fellas in that city 2 inches of space of extra space after an erection is not uncommon.

This whole thing got started with an article in The Times of India proclaiming that “Indian men don’t measure up“. Reuters then picked up the thread with the somewhat more dignified headline “Oversized condoms annoy Indians but this was as good as it would get. The Short News (I cant make this up) in Germany, went with the headline “Standard Condoms too big For Indian Men” and News24 in South Africa went with “Too small for your condom“. But my favorite article is from the Kanucks at eCanadaNow, which ran a story entitled “Size is to Blameaccompanied by a picture of guy hanging his head in shame and disgrace (the one above). I probably would to if I had to face the Blogospheres withering take on this.