Happy New Year

January 4, 2007

Its been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you
Without a strong rhyme to step to
Think of how many weak shows you slept through
Times up, I’m sorry I kept you

This is of course the most over used rhyme of lazy bloggers everywhere. My apologies go out to Rakim for its misappropriation here. Change is good, newness is even better and this year promises to bring both change and newness.

Feeding the Beast that is a Blog

August 3, 2006

screenhunter_013.jpgBlogg is pretty hard. The problem isnt so much topics worthy of discussion. There are tons of things that go on and are really interesting to discuss, everything from the public fight between pundits to new ways to avoid prosecution for music and movie downloading. The problem isnt ideas or things to speak about, mustering up the inernal momentum in which to do it. Feeding a blog is hard work and takes both time and energy to do.

After my first 2 weeks of blogging it was clear that it was gonna take alot more effort that I had thought. I started writing 3 post for everyone that actually made it onto the blog. My Writely account is littered with half completed post ideas and partially written articles, none of which are likely to see the light of day.

Rex, Monica, Spotnitty, Em and Lar I hear you. I’ll do better.