FYI: Longs Drugs Partners With Google on the Launch of Google Health

May 19, 2008

Google Health

I thought this was a joke at first but apparently its real. Google is now officially in the health market. Read the full release after the jump but the following line baffled me.

“Partnership Allows Patients the Ability to Share their Prescription History”

Why exactly would I want to share my Valtrex, Vicodin and Viagra prescriptions with everyone in the pharmacy back office?

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Google Backdoors the Telco’s

October 16, 2007

That damned Google! No matter how much I try to avoid getting sucked into the Googleplex by their absurdly useful and free services, I cant seem to avoid it. Today I was compelled to give Google two permanent slots in my mobile phonebook. The first for the infinity useful Google SMS, which I use all the time but hadnt given its own place on my phone. The second slot was allocated to the new Goog 411 service, which I havent played with as long or used as much but seems worthy of a spot based solely on the voice commands and being able to connect with the businesses for free. If you havent tried Google SMS or Goog 411 yet give them a shot and you too will soon be sucked into world of convenience and utility.