Back-backers, Bears and Beavers watch-out, the Forrest services has Tasers

December 6, 2007


While scanning headlines over at Docuticker a came a cross a story which caught my attention, entitled Cash Starved Forest Service Spends $600,000 to Buy Tasers. Hmmm, lets seee should the agency buy more flame retardant or electroshock treatment for wild bears and hippy stoners? What to do, what to do….

It appears that the Forrest Service has ordered a truck load of Tasers for the 700 officers in its employ. However, they forgot to get those same officers some training in the use of those Tasers so unfortunately the weapons are sitting on a closet self in Gail Kimbell’s office. You gotta love the Bush administration!

Deadly Style: Hello Kitty AK-47’s

November 5, 2007


Does your pre-teen need both style and stopping power? Tired of all the other survivalist sporting the same AK-47 as you? Well the good folks at GlamGuns have a solution, the Hello Kitty AK-47. It fires 10 rounds per second and has an effective kill range of 300 yards. Making it the best looking assult rifle for the murderous rages of your pre-teen girls.