Will Viacom Sue Myspace Over Copyright Infringement

April 4, 2007

A couple of weeks ago Viacom decided to sue GooTube for copyright infringement. What would they gain by getting all their content removed form the largest online video site? Nothing. Except the illusion of control and an RIAA like pyrrhic victory over Google, the Internet’s most successful media company.

In the meantime whats not available on YouTube is easily found on any of the 50 other online video sharing sites. Even the biggest online social network, Myspace serves up full episodes of Viacom content. Are they next on Viacom’s court appearance invite list? You can go to Myspace right now and watch full episodes of the Daily Show, Colbert report and one of my favorite, South Park.

Today the good folks at TechCrunch mentioned AllSP.com but didnt note that the videos on AllSP.com are largely hosted on Myspace. The embedded episode is from DailyMotion but you can see the same thing in its entirety via myspace at the link below. This episode is particularly hysterical in its subversive use of almost every hot internet property as part of the story.

South Park 1104 – The Snuke

No more Colbert on GooTube?

February 2, 2007

https://i0.wp.com/www.physorg.com/newman/gfx/news/logo-Google.gifThe good folks at Viacom have sent our friends at GooTube a cease and desist letter, demanding that the service remove 100,000 video clips of the company’s shows. As of this posting Google has desisted from ceasing.

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Summer Slut: A Digital Dominatrix is Born

August 11, 2006

I’m an old man. I dont pretend to know much about the younger generation but from what I summize, when your a sexy, gregarious 25 year old, hotly pursued by media moguls and rock stars, chances are your going to “get around”. While I’m loath to call someone a slut for have a healthy appetite the sheer number of partners one particular 25 year old has been partnering with is a bit shocking. And no I’m not talking about Paris Hilton. The 25 year old I have in mind year old I have in mind has done more partner swapping then Carmen Electra and has been with more tech industry “big boys” then Jenna Jameson. From film makers to gamers and Internet moguls this 25 year old seems to have dedicated this summer to getting into every niche and cranny of the digital world. A look back at the deals they’ve done reveals a lot about their approach to the digital space as well as their chances of success. Read the rest of this entry »