Voice Your Opinion of RIAA

April 13, 2007

allofmp31.jpgOur Russian friends over at are showing the kind of staying power that would make Lexington Steel proud. Despite being perpetually attacked by the bulldogs of the copyright industries continues to evolve their offering and enhance their site. While checking out their latest upgrades I came across a rather incongruous image on the home page.

It was a link in the news section directing people to take a survey being conducted by the good folks at a site dedicated to news with a distint anti-RIAA flavor. The survey is being billed as the first online survey of perceptions of the RIAA and its title, The Sultans of Spin, shouldn’t in anyway skew the results. decision to feature the survey on their homepage is what struck me as strange. Last year the US trade rep was on the war path and tried to get Russian strongman Vladimir “toxic tea” Putin to shut the site down. responded by starting a half-hearted attempt to get their side of the story out but ended-up just ignoring the public altogether. ALLofMP3 seemed more comfortable trying to avoid confrontations with the IFPI, RIAA and BPI by putting out luke warm statements asserting the legality of their service under Russian law. This is what made the prominent placement of what is clearly anti-RIAA propaganda so shocking. When the upgraded their site did they increase the amount of backboneas well?

Copyright Term Creep Killed in UK?

November 27, 2006

Interesting article from Variety full of rumors and leaked reports and response to rumor and leaked reports. It looks like an independent report, called the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property, is being put out by the UK’s trade administration is going to recommend that the copyright term for music NOT be extended. Of course this has got the BPI wining and complaining about protecting the rights of artist, free trade, national economies and and cold beer.

Friday Ends Russian MP3 Era

August 27, 2006

Hark, the end of the era of legally purchased MP3’s may be near. Tuesday Friaday could mark the end of as we know (and love) it. The service becomes subject to new rules dictated by Russian strong man Vladimir Putin on September 1st and the impact of these rules may result in sweeping changes for all Russian MP3 sites. While I’m no lawyer and I dont claim to understand the nuances of Russian Law, a cursory reading of the updated rules governing’s service seems to indicate that rights holders may have been given the right to individually license content to Given all the rabid FUD music industry mouthpieces have been spreading its unlikely they’ll offer any sort of licensing agreement and this would end sale of international content by the site. Read the rest of this entry »

Buggered Brit Lobby Group Announces Bollocks

June 7, 2006
Rejoice! The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) wants music lovers the world over to rest easy. In a display of grandstanding and showmanship not seen since P.T. Barnum, the BPI issue a grand proclamation of its own ineptitude. Here's the summary:

They wont sue consumers. Hooray!
But they are going to sue AllofMP3. Booo!
They wont sue customers of AllofMP3. Hooray!
But they do want to extend the copyright term to 100 years. Boooo!
They wont sue you for putting MP3's on your iPod. Hooray!
But they do want to dictate how Apple does business. Booo! Read the rest of this entry »