MP3tunes gets Tivo’ed

May 10, 2006

Heritage Exterior2.jpgEveryone has probably experienced the problem of traveling to your country home and having to figure out how to take all your music with you. Do you buy another music server? Do you just hire the bands you want to listen to and let them stay with you? What to do, what to do?

mp3tunes_logo.gifEnter MP3tunes. Michael Robertson announced that his company MP3tunes has turned on a feature that allows you to sync your MP3tunes locker with your Tivo box and play your music. Dont have a locker? No problem they have created a demo account for you to test out the new feature. Michael's minute has details on how to set it up. As a paying member of MP3tunes I can tell you I'd rather have a better way of getting my 40GB worth of songs into my locker then the ability to stream to a device I don't own.

Is the End of Media Spelled A.J.A.X.?!

April 12, 2006

While playing with AjaxAMP v3.0 the other day I couldnt help thinking that the shift to Internet based applications is going to fundamentally change how media is created, promoted, used and distributed. From Pandora's approach to music discovery to Jumpcuts efforts at online video editing, there are few areas of the media value chain not challenged by a new service or application available via the web. Read the rest of this entry »