The Fall out from Boston’s Bomb Scare

February 2, 2007

The images have been coming in fast and furious. BoingBoing has a good compliation and there are a ton of great Flickr photostreams.

The Joy of tech comic

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Homeland Security cant tell LED from IED

February 1, 2007

Lite-Brite’s Shut-Down Beantown

That’s right folks Boston was brought to its knee’s yesterday by a number of suspicious looking devices planted all over the city. Police were called. Traffic was halted. Panic ensued, at least among panic prone politicos and Jack Bauer wanna-be ‘s. Thankfully, the bomb squad was called out and blew up a number of the devices. Yes thats right, the Bomb Squad! However, since the devices were LED not IED the Bomb Squad had to bring their own explosives with which to blow-up the devices.

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