Gmail Outage: 6 hours and counting

March 1, 2007


Update: So now I can access GMAIL which has been down since 9:29am. Unfortunately it looks like there have been no email since, you guessed it, 9:29am.  I wonder if they’ll show up later or if they are in the ether.

Gmail outage is an outrage!

March 1, 2007

Today’s outage of Gmail comes just a few weeks after Google announced that they were opening Gmail and other Google apps to the world the venerable Gmail service goes offline for most of the day. I’ve been unable to access Gmail since 10am and have had to watch in envy as my co-worker email emailed and talked freely. Now the server her account was on has gone down as well. Not a good sign.

Update: Co-worker is back up and I’m still down. She helpfully suggested that I reduce the number of messages in my inbox (I’m using 32% of my 2.8GB where she uses less then 5% of hers) and maybe I’d get better service. Thanks as soon as its back up I’ll get right on that!