The $100 box of Chocolate


I haven’t been to the gym in months, and yes, I’m getting a bit doughy. I admit it! I’m kinda watching what I eat; no cake (except if Raji forces me), no ice cream (unless its on Sweet Potato pie) and especially no chocolate (gateway drug for people with a sweet-tooth). I stuck fast to these rules until last week, when a client introduced me to the deceptively named Omanhene Bean Co.

Despite its name, the company does not in fact sell any beans. Its a purveyor of edible kryptonite, elegantly packaged and swiftly delivered. The company is a vendor of chocolaty goodness in a array of temping formulations, from bars to powders, all grown and processed in a manner that makes the “good doers” at UNESCO proud.

row11small.jpgI was pretty skeptical when ordering from the Omanhene website. The ordering process was all webforms and checkboxes with long product lists and small pictures. Very 1998! It had none of the options, bells and whistles I’ve come to expect from online vendors. Still, the allure of chocolaty treats compelled me to whip out the credit card and order the $100 sampler box.

Would anything arrive and in what shape? How long would I have to wait? These were just a few of the questions that came to mind as I clicked the button to submit my order for enough Chocolate to make Manuel Uribe start dieting.



To my surprise not only did my order arrive in about a week it was exactly what I ordered. As surprising as that was I was even more astounded by the note that greeted me when I opened the lovely suede and leather box the chocolates were delivered in. “YUMMY CHOCOLATE…” screamed the note in all caps, “Dont forget to Blog the experience…” After such a low tech, low touch, ordering process a note encouraging me to blog about my wicked indulgence was the last thing I expected. How much more powerful would that message be if Omanhene provided the site, or at least suggested one, for me to actually do that?

But since they asked… I have now done as requested. Can I have another ingot of dark milk chocolate please?


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