Playing with Joost Ads and Channels

screenhunter_002.jpgToday I discovered something really interesting on Joost, ad’s. Thats right apparently they are starting to play with interesting ads on the service. From the initial ads that have been served to me the good folks at Joost seem to be toying with a few different models. So far I’ve seen three different types of ads: The first was your standard linear TV styled 10-30 second clip inserted within shows. I also saw AdBrite styled graphic ads that hovvered on the bottom of the screen for a few seconds and the disappeared. There was also smaller interactive logos of sponsoring companies that appear at the top of the page but I only saw a few of these and wasnt fast enough to grab a screen.



The most surprising thing about the Joost ads, besides their appearance, was who the sponsors were. There were ads from HP, IBM, Sony, Motorola, Esurance and T-Mobile. I also think I saw an ad from Wriggley (the gum folks) but I wasnt sure. Joost has been racking up content partners big and small and it looks like the sponsors are soon to follow.

I’ve been in the Joost beta since it was the Venice Project and considered myself pretty knowledgeable but I had completely missed the Channel catalog. Thats the little button that you use to expand your channel selection beyond the 25 default channels. The real opportunity, and threat, of Joost get a bit clearer when you look at the channel line up. Any service that makes the original Lexx available in its entirety is cool to me.

The new aggregators rise.

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