Deadly Style: Hello Kitty AK-47’s


Does your pre-teen need both style and stopping power? Tired of all the other survivalist sporting the same AK-47 as you? Well the good folks at GlamGuns have a solution, the Hello Kitty AK-47. It fires 10 rounds per second and has an effective kill range of 300 yards. Making it the best looking assult rifle for the murderous rages of your pre-teen girls.

6 Responses to Deadly Style: Hello Kitty AK-47’s

  1. j says:

    that is really disgusting…

  2. Valarie says:

    You idiots, its a freaking parody site, read the bottom

  3. Siddiq Bello says:

    Yes Valarie it is and as such its meant to fool people. By saying its a parody site you ruin the fun for others…

  4. meg says:

    yea, no my fun is ruined yeh biotch

  5. Amitaliri says:

    i ♥ hello kitty so i would of corse love this gun i love it!!!!!!

  6. elvispressley says:

    thats badass i would buy that is it was actually made

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