A Pho Dressing Down

This is an exchange between myself and the "great one" on the Pho list where he helps me better appreciate the value of his comments and the significance of Napsters much hyped, but futile, attempts to remain relevant . -SB

On May 03, 2006 04:03 PM, Siddiq Bello <siddiqtb@gmail.com> wrote:
> 1) I may have yawned at the announcement but apprently every few
> others have. Site is down, according to them due to traffic.
It streamed fine for me for 2 hours. But this traffic is a good
indication that people are interested.
> 2) That isnt exactly what I meant but I get it. You're right, I could
> buy the DRM'd files from Napster but my point was that this was both
> unimportant and uninteresting.
You will have more credibility on the list if you simply admit you were
in error. When you post so quickly with a snap judgment on topics you're
going to make mistakes like saying you can buy [really it's RENT]
singles from iTunes but not from Napster which is clearly misinformed.
>"Nothing to see here folks, move along,
> move along."
Dismissing something out of hand like this usually comes from people who
don't produce anything. If you had to produce an actual product then
they would have a deeper understanding of what is truly involved here.

Let me try and help you understand what Napster did here. 

They opened up a faucet to the entire net for 2MM songs. That's the
OPPOSITE of trivial. It's a MASSIVE licensing issue given the crazy
publisher/label world we live in as well. They must have really pushed
hard on labels and publishers to get them to agree to a rev share deal.
I can assure you that back when I ran a company doing licensing deals
there was ZERO chance to get a rev share deal especially one based on
net advertising.

It's also a huge technology undertaking. The servers, routers, load
balancers, QA, wow. It's all a big job. Granted some big chunks they
were already doing, but it's still a lot of work.

And Napster made it possible for anyone to link to these songs and embed
on their web page so they're showing an openness that no other music
subscription/retailer has shown.

-- MR

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