Original Email

My name is Siddiq Bello, and I am one of the many users of (company, product or service). As such, I was hoping you would be willing to help me with some information I am gathering for my blog. I write mostly about technology, entrepreneurship and innovation, right now I'm working on an article about the process that web entrepreneurs use to launch innovative businesses.

I have 5 quick questions I would very much like to get your insights on. If you can answer with as much detail as you feel able I would be eternally in your debt. I am sending similar requests to a number of key web innovators to solicit their feedback and participation as well. Your responses would be used in conjunction with theirs for the article. Others entrepreneurs I am contacting include (list of other CEO's) and others.

Again thanks in advance to help with this information.

1) How did you come up with the idea for (company, product or service)?
a) How long did it take you to go from idea to beta product?
2) What was your approach to consumer research (focus groups, surveys etc…)?
a) Had you use them in the past and if so to what effect?
3) Did you do a formal business plan with financial projects? If so…
a) How did you forecast demand?
b) How did you model market size?
c) How closely does your current product match with the plan?
4) What resources did you have (financial and otherwise) to implement the idea?
5) Who was the first person you called to move the idea forward and what was that conversation like?

While this information is for my blog I should note that during the day I work as a Strategist for Turner Broadcasting in their New Products Group. Please feel free to check out my site and/or Google me to see other things I've written in the past.

All the best

PS. If you know of any other entrepreneurs who might be willing to contribute their thoughts for this article I would be very interested chatting with them.


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