Nerendra Response

Hi Siddiq. Thank you for your inquiry. See responses below!

Narendra Rocherolle, Co-Founder

> Again thanks in advance to help with this information.
> 1) How did you come up with the idea for 30boxes?

The three of us (myself, Nick Wilder, and Julie Davidson) grew tired
of always asking what each other's social schedules were like. All
of us have disliked MS Outlook for years and we set about trying to
rethink the idea of a calendar from scratch. We grew very excited
about simplifying the user interface and tying it to the social media
(blogs, photos, etc.) that are becoming part of people's daily lives.

> a) How long did it take you to go from idea to beta product?

About 6 months.

> 2) What was your approach to consumer research (focus groups,
> surveys etc…)?

The product was intensely debated among the three of us during the
initial 3 month development phase. Once we had something working we
solicited the feedback of a smaller group of about 20 folks. Lots
of refinement has come during our beta which began Feb 5, 2006.

> a) Had you use them in the past and if so to what effect?


> 3) Did you do a formal business plan with financial projects? If so…

We have an outlined business strategy, a firm understanding of our
cost structure, but have not spent the time to forecast revenue per se.

> a) How did you forecast demand?
> b) How did you model market size?
> c) How closely does your current product match with the plan?
> 4) What resources did you have (financial and otherwise) to
> implement the idea?

We have had two successful outcomes in internet consumer products. In 2004, we sold our company Webshots to CNET Networks, Inc.


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