New Technology Beats Airport Security

September 13, 2006

This past weekend I was traveling for a conference and was feeling rather impish. Perhaps inspired by the fear mongering rhetoric of the junior president, I decided to test out some security defeating technology I got a number of years back. I wanted to pit this rather old school technology against the terrorist predicting computers, ultra-sensitive bomb sniffers, and bleeding edge x-ray machines. Could I defeat the heightened security measures of the most powerful nation on the planet using technology that was created at the start of Gen X? Could I outsmart screeners, sniffers, marshals, scanners and fear itself, using little more then my brain, some aluminum foil, duck-tape and a paperclip?
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Pandora Thinks I’m Gay…

September 1, 2006

I’ve got a decent size music collection. According to my MP3tunes stats I could listen to music continuously for 6 weeks straight and not hear the same song twice (dare i say my drives are well endowed). Depending on my mood, the phase of the moon and amount of sugar in my system, I could listen to everything from Alison Krauss to Zero 7. So why does Pandora insist to be calling me gay? Not even a manly gay figure like Rock Hudson or Big Gay Al, but a chanting, new-agey, lesbian.

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Oh My God you gotta see OhMiBod…

August 23, 2006

This is just funny! A few months ago I posted about the iBuzz and today while tag surfing on WordPress I came across this post on bicyclefish. Its an funny, buzz worthy, amazing new product from the Suki LLC . The comedic potential of this product is tremendous especially with the plethora of attachments and accessories. This may very well be the words first social sex toy. The site encourages people to post their favorite iTunes playlists to share with others. The titles of the top 5 playlist on the site are:
#1 Music to hit a “Home Run”!
#2 Trip-Hop is the perfect beat to start or end your day!
#3 Can you feel it?
#4 The ultimate 3-some
#5 Hammerhead mix

Apparently I’m really late to this as its gotten a ton of press but the one question I have is, does the iPod supply enough power to really put the “O” OhMiBod? Do yourself a favor this morning and check out the pictures on their site. Its awesome!

iBuzz Promises Good Vibrations

March 29, 2006

So what do you get for the guy or gal with every iPod accessory on the planet? Why the iBuzz of course. Billed as the iPod accessory that lets you "Feel the music in a whole new way!" This device, offered by Condomania for $60 bucks has to qualify as the be the funniest iPod accessory available. However, the device may not be as entertaining as the press release that announced it to the world.

From the press release:
"Already a best seller in Europe, the iBuzz is a small capsule-shaped device that vibrates in sync with the music on your iPod or MP3 player. It can safely vibrate inside or outside of you or your partner with his and her attachments included. Turn up the volume, turn up the vibrations! iBuzz comes with a headphone splitter so you can listen on one end while, well, vibrating on the other."

While I have no idea what the "male attachment" could possibly be or do, the very idea of folks walking around listening to "Good Vibrations", while feeling vibrations is a bit much. This is technology that can truly touch the lives of many lonely people in very personal ways and I for one am glad to see it available in the US.