News From the Starred Folder

January 31, 2007

screenhunter_009.jpgLike everyone I often mark news items and blog post that I want to follow-up on but unless I do it within 12 hours its unlikely I’ll ever get to it. Since the exception proves the rule, I offer two exceptions.

The first is a report put out by our Cannuck friends at Solutions Research tantalizingly entitled Movie File-Sharing Booming. The report is based on phone and online surveys of some 2600 Americans and offers some interesting findings. For example they estimate that some 20 million Americans are regular downloaders of full-length movies, more then 80% of which is from P2P services. There is lots of interesting tidbits in the report but the essence is that people are both interested in and willing to watch full-length movies online. Like the music industry before them most cablers and studios have deluded themselves into thinking that people are not willing to watch full-length movies online. According to this report thats a self-serving delusion that will be increasingly hard for content producers to maintain.

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Master Minds Behind BitTorrents Phenominal Rise

October 26, 2006

Granny Pirate

I’ve got some good news and bad news for everyone worried about the .
Good news: People are ditching older P2P applications like Gnuttella, Limewire and eDonkey in droves.
Bad News: People are moving from these older applications to BitTorrent in bigger droves.
Since my rant on the “Torrent of TV Content” gushing from BitTorrent trackers earlier this year, I’ve been astonished by the growth of the network and the hundreds of sites that support its users.

Despite all the F.U.D. spread by the copyright industries, BitTorrent site administrators continue to put up trackers and build interesting front ends for downloading files. These sites have eclipsed the original application and its website in popularity. When anyone speaks of BitTorrent, they are actually talking about a loose knit amalgam of sites and administrators who account for the vast majority of the traffic on the network. Despite this fact, there has been no attention paid to these administrators and only nasty grams sent to the sites they run.

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Warner Brothers Summer Blockbuster is BitTorrent

May 10, 2006

logo.gifYesterday's NYT carried this story about "the frog" doing a deal with BitTorrent to distribute hundreds of movies and TV shows via its software. My favorite quote form the whole article is by Kevin Tsujihara, a WB prexy, he said, "If we can convert 5, 10 or 15 percent of the illegal down-loaders into consumers of our product, that is significant."

froglogo.jpgAwesome. This is what I've been saying (here and here). Someone on the left coast is finally getting it. Now if they would only mention it to their brethren in the music biz we might actually see some innovation in payment options, distribution models and devices.

The service wont be available until the summer and no information was offered in terms of pricing or DRM but its safe to assume they are both going to be part of the deal. Big questions not addressed in the article or press release include users response to paying for music they help distribute. Read the press release here although the article is a tad more insightful.

Crosbie Fitch and Andy Green's discussions on the pho list introduce a number of great questions and some possible answers.

Movie Exec’s Rush to Seal their Irrelevance

April 3, 2006

I'm not sure about the sex, but movie industry executives are displaying lots of stupidity and greed.

You know that the movie industry has a great press machine when both the NY and LA Times carry stories about their latest efforts to prove that they have learned nothing from the last 7 years of media experience. You also know that the industry is on a long, slow march into irrelevance as both papers chose to lampoon their latest announcements rather then turn it into the usual piracy debate. The movie industry has clearly decided to follow in the footsteps of the record companies and pretend that people have no other options to their inane "offerings". In the fanciful minds of movie executives consumers appear to be so flush with cash and devoid of Read the rest of this entry »