Things I learned at the DAEL Synposium

Last week I got a request from Dr. Kay Beck, asking me to sit in on a panel at the Digital Arts Entertainment Lab‘s Symposium at Georgia State. If Kay asks you for something, the answers is Yes. So yesterday I found myself sitting on a stage at Georgia State with Jim “the face of corporate America” Distefano, Mark Wynns and Chad Eikoff, talking about how content creators might best navigate the choppy digital waters.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any public speaking, Turner kindly asked me to decline a number of invitations during my tenure there, and this was a great chance to get back in the game.

It was a small group in a very large auditorium and the following list outlines some of the things I learned while listening to other speakers or just chatting with folks:
meta-tagging is a actionable legal issue, for which your new venture could be dragged into court to defend your use of certian trademarked meta tags. I had no clue.
keyword advertising could also be something that requires legal representation if one wants to avoid litigation.
– i speak to fast, quote random papers no one has ever read and ramble on!

Like I said it was lots of fun.


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