A better review of WebOS’s

Stan Schroeder over at Frantic Industries did a more though and in-depth review of the WebOS options then the blurp i posted a few days ago If your interested in how folks are expanding the functionality and depth of web applications, this post is about as insightful as they come.


4 Responses to A better review of WebOS’s

  1. beyondwww says:

    Yeah saw the review, so which OS do you think has the mass appeal ?

  2. Siddiq Bello says:

    None right now! I want to use the best tool for the job which may or may not be a suite.
    Based on the different ways these are being used (PC control, doc management, experiment) I’d say they are a pretty good distance from mass.

  3. Mana says:

    i personally think that the http://www.oos.cc system (which has unfortunately not been reviewed even though online since early 2007) provides most of the possible functionality in the most mature and convenient way. desktoptwo is also impressive.

  4. Max says:

    There is a larger list available on mashable now:

    Max … Out!
    http://www.cmyos.com – free online operating system

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