Alpha Earning Women

A great post over at Corporate Intelligence by Mitch Betts highlights an interesting sales pitch research report put out by the good folks at Social Technologies LLC. A summary report/press release is available via pdf from the site, its short on details but the gist of it is: women could be bringing home 50% of the bread at some future point. Men are likely to play a more significant role in household decisions and purchases, like toddler friendly TV remotes and Teletubbie belt sanders. The report also says that online dating will also flourish because the new crop of career women wont have the time or patience to get picked up in a seedy dive like they did when I was young. The Washington Post has a related story on stay-a-home dads that is worth reading if only for the idiotic comments left by Post readers. Enlightened audience indeed.


2 Responses to Alpha Earning Women

  1. Mitch Betts says:

    Thanks for noticing my obscure little blog! I can tell you have a shrewd analytical mind, and a witty writing style. Keep up the good work.
    — Mitch

  2. Siddiq Bello says:

    “you have a shrewd analytical mind, and a witty writing style” a mash-up of your comment might be: you mind writing in a witty shrewd analytical style

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