Spying on Friends and Neighbors with Google Streetview


Beware, if you have even the slightest voyeuristic tendencies the following service/site from Google is going to be addictive. Google Streetview launched back in May and has made the privacy wonks apoplectic. With good reason, theres lots of negative privacy implications to Google Streetview, there’s already been an incident involving a not so secret coffee break and an overzealous HR manager. However, the sheer voyeuristic goodness of Google’s Streetview more then offsets the obvious assault on our privacy. Besides, Google promises to do no evil and they are the only search engine that said no to the US government when it tried to get their search records. Of course, if the folks in Washington werent such Luddites they would know that they could get the same information by simply doing a Google search.

To check out hte funniest links found on Google Streetview you should check out Streetview Gallery, Streetviewr.com and Map Mole.


7 Responses to Spying on Friends and Neighbors with Google Streetview

  1. Siddiq Bello says:

    I obscured the address in the image but linked to the full-sized images via Google Streetview, which of course contains the whole address. Not suer why I thought it was important to blackout the address as if somehow I was protecting the identity of this street pharmacist.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Love Street View

  4. dana says:

    how does the spy on friends and neighbors thing work…I see no obvious tabs???????????????????????

  5. […] Street View. Its an awesome application that allows you to virtually roam city streets and get snapshots of neighborhoods, sometimes even your neighbors. However the images are often blurry and the interface isnt the most […]

  6. person says:

    awesome. can see my old house now!!!!!!cool

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