Geek Fanboy Gets Hardcore Zune Tattoo

I’m not really a geek though I sometimes play one to great effect. Geeks are weird. I know that, you know that, its just one of those things in life you have to accept. But why in heavens name would you brand yourself with the logo for a crappy first gen Microsoft brick? There is another image and the funniest fanboy love fest happening in the comments on the site, its well worth the visit if only to see geek homoerotica in action. Of course, mszunefan (pictured below) may get the last laugh if this proves to be a fairly well done Photoshop hoax. I really really hope its a hoax.


2 Responses to Geek Fanboy Gets Hardcore Zune Tattoo

  1. Siddiq Bello says:

    I’ve thought about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that in a couple f years when the Zune is gone and forgotten this will actually be a pretty cool tattoo. He’ll be able to make up any story he likes about it and its significance. I’d go for a sci-fi existential tale of loss and the complex cyclical nature of the universe.

  2. […] I’ve never been a fan of the Zune, back in November of ‘06 I laid out 10 reasons the Zune would fail and was surprised by the number of Zune fans that told me I was dead wrong. Of course the ultimate expression of Zune fandom was when Steve Smith’s got himself tattooed with the ZUNE logo. […]

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