Michael Robertson’s Music Locker Smackdown

Lala.com, an online CD trading platform, began offering a limited music locker with free music streaming this week and it pissed off uber-CEO and music locker competitor Michael Robertson. The general reaction to Lala.com’s announcement ranged from the mildly bemused to the historically reflective with most blog post and articles mentioning Mp3.com or Napster as parallels. That wasnt enough for the Michael “lightening will strike as many time as I say” Robertson, who promptly posted a pretty damning “expose” of the details not mentioned in any of the post about Lala.com’s new service.

Rather then the normal rant, Michael actually looked under the hood and kicked the tires on Lala.com’s new service and found it severely wanting. Tops on his list of complaints about the service is that it hasnt been sued into oblivion by the same lawsuit wielding thugs in pinstripes, that came after him for the Beam-it service he introduced at MP3.com. He also seems to be cheesed off that the service doesnt actually upload all your files and stores the ones it does upload as 64k Mono ACC files (yes like AM radio). Michael lists a number of other problems with the service and, if accurate, they all seem potentially fatal for the service. Of course, you get what you pay for and the Lala.com service is free. Read Michaels post here, its well worth it.

I make no pretense of objectivity in the above post, I’m biased for three basic reasons:

  1. I have an MP3Tunes locker with over 80GB of music
  2. My portable hard drive crashed and died on Wednesday
  3. Amel, Sia, Nina, Erykah and Amy are all safely streaming on MR’s dime

One Response to Michael Robertson’s Music Locker Smackdown

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