AnywhereCD back in CD Business

Back in April, Michael Robertson launched his latest Internet venture called AnywhereCD, which was supposed to sell CD’s with MP3 tracks that could be downloaded immediately. No sooner had the companies press release hit the Blogosphere then Warner Music pulled its music from the site. The lawsuits started to fly and the AnywhereCD was reduced to circa 1999.

Well the parties have sat down and settled the matter like gentlemen. AnywhereCD will be able to get back in the CD + MP3 bundle business and the labels will get to pull the plug in 3 months. A face saving success for both parties. Read the juicy details here and check out Michaels Minute for an interesting take on why you should do most or your CD purchasing on AnywhereCD, it may be valid for the next 90 days!

3 Responses to AnywhereCD back in CD Business

  1. GetJazzed says:

    For the record, AnywhereCD has never stopped selling CD + MP3. Warner never pulled the music from the site, and I have made many CD + MP3 purchases since the “lawsuits started to fly.” is MP3 only subscription service, and always has been. In fact, a subscriber to in 1999 had unlimited downloads. Now there is a limit to the number of tracks one can download in a month. Since I have been a subscriber to, starting in 1999 (, never have you been able to purchase a CD on

  2. Siddiq Bello says:

    GetJazzed, my eMusic comment was more about the indie nature of the CD+MP3 options on AnywhereCD then about the format. Anywhere CD pulled the MP3 option for most of their catalog (check the images both here and on other blogs) when WMG whined.

    I like the idea of AnywhereCD but I’m disappointed in how very N2K 2.0 it seems. I would have expected something more along the lines of a quasi-legal AllofMP3 with a new pricing model from MR. AnywhereCD is just underwhelming (the spares design doesnt help) and it will get worse on September 30th when WMG really will pull out.

  3. GetJazzed says:

    I understand what you are saying, but content offered by AnywhereCD did not change during the “lawsuits flying” period. It was never reduced to indie only music. I also understand your disappointment. Not much major label music is available in unrestricted MP3 format — yet.

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