Is it Time to Quit Cable?

Cable TV service sucks! Most Americans get more satisfaction from waiting in line at the bank, visiting the post office and conversations with their insurance company then they do from their Satellite or cable provider.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Cable and Satellite TV companies perpetually scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to customer satisfaction. The numbers for cable and satellite are worse then all other industries
ranked by the ACSI and they are getting worse.

Lots of pixels over the last month have been dedicated to cable and the many companies vying to displace it. In a column on, Farhad Manjoo offers up an interesting take on why one might want to consider some of the computer based alternatives to cable. Of the many interesting tidbits from this article the most telling is Farhad’s conclusion. He basically says that while neither Joost nor Apple TV are ready to replace the cable box yet, but he’s looking forward to the day when they will. Its not a good sign for the industry when most of your customers are looking forward to your replacement/demise (just ask the major record labels).

Another great article over at Engadget does some back of the envelope calculations comparing the cost of a number of distribution methods. Surprise, surprise turns out that cable is generally the most expensive way to watch TV programming.

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