Blogosphere by Numbers


Technorati has belatedly released their State of the Blogosphere report, which runs through some of the stats from their index of the Blogosphere. Its kinda like Yahoo or AOL putting out a report on the state of the Web, it may be great directional information but with more possible meanings then an interpretive dance. Some of the highlights of the report:

  1. Japaneses is the dominant language of the Blogosphere, Farsi is growing
  2. 70 million blogs in the Technorati index up from 52 million last time
  3. 1.4 million posts per day spread across these blogs
  4. 120,000 new blogs created everyday up from 100,000 in last report
  5. ~5% of these new blogs are spam-blogs (splogs)

One glaring omission from this quarters report is any indication of the activity level of the 70 millions blogs. In previous reports released by Technorati they included some indication of the number of “active” blogs, which they defined as a blog with at least one post in the last 3 months. In the last report roughly 55% of all blogs were “active”, but with the slowing in the daily posting volume its likely that the number of active blogs is also falling.

I think I might be able to make a pretty good argument that one interpretation of the report is that the Blogosphere is actually getting smaller. But its late so I’m not gonna try it. If you ran the numbers with a few assumptions around how fast active blogs are declining, the demo and genre of the new blog creators and daily posting frequency you could get a pretty good bead on the CAGR of the Blogosphere and it’d be negative.


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