iPhone Teaser

iphone teaser

I got this email from Apple today thanking me for signing up, 3 months ago, to get news about the launch, 2 months from now, of their $600 phone, that I wont be buying. Do I want an iPhone? Yes. Did this email remind me of that desire and further stoke those flames? Yes, again. Will I stamp out that desire? Hell, yeah! If you suffer from iPhone lust, one of the 7 deadly geek sins, all you have to do is remind yourself that after just one fall, splash, crash or slip your $600 work of art becomes just another expensive brick. For all its beautiful looks and interesting functionality I predict that these things are as brittle as a CEO’s ego. While I’m sure they be tons more successful then the Zune I’m still gonna wait till prices drop and and specs improve before adding to Jobs family trust.


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