Joost Invites on eBay: Buy Them Now for $85


I was trolling the Joost forums looking for a way to get back one of the invites I sent out, the person I sent it to is sitting on it, when I saw a comment about selling invites on eBay. I was curious so I popped over to eBay to see what the deal was and sure enough 10 auctions are happening right now for Joost invites. The prices were all over the map, ranging from around $5 at the low end to $85. Click on the screen shot to enlarge it and note that the first auction, with 14 bids, is about to end at 18 bucks! I cant remember what Gmail invites were going for on eBay but I dont think they were this hot.

I’m gonna have to post a list of the beta launches you all have to be a part of so you dont end up buying your way in via eBay.


4 Responses to Joost Invites on eBay: Buy Them Now for $85

  1. Bob says:

    I have no money, would appreciate one for free if you have one to spare 😉

  2. […] I’ve got two tokens! Since your reading this blog and I’ve got no other friends one of them can be yours Alas, my Tokens are gone but if your really desperate you can buy them on eBay. […]

  3. William Le says:

    Please send invite to

  4. shawn says:

    id love one, i gave away over 250 gmail betas and the had a baby and my computer time went away. I would love a joost invite.

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