Joost Invites are open!

Let the groveling begin end!

screenhunter_002.jpgJoost just opened up their invites system (called tokens) and I’ve got’em. Basically Joost is an online TV application by the same folks that created Skype and sold it to ebay for billions. They are the talk of the town in media circles and Viacom just signed a deal with them. Some folks are mistakenly comparing them to GooTube and have gone so far as to suggest that Joost may be a GooTube killer. Luddites!

I’ve got two tokens! Since your reading this blog and I’ve got no other friends one of them can be yours Alas, my Tokens are gone but if your really desperate you can buy them on eBay.


28 Responses to Joost Invites are open!

  1. Joostfan says:

    Am I too late? Can I have one please?

  2. Siddiq Bello says:

    Sorry Joostfan Michael was first but your next…

  3. jen says:

    have any more joost invites (shameless begging…)


  4. David says:

    Does that mean I’m third in line? I hope so … I can trade you 92 Gmail Invites …

  5. Siddiq Bello says:

    Sorry David

    After a bit more research, it seems that my original thought about the tokens is wrong. I thought they were giving out tokens based on the amount of data traffic your system contributed to the network (ie how long you let Joost stream to other users) but thats not the case. Everyone got 2 tokens and their seems to be no more coming anytime soon. If it changes I’ll ping you, Jen and Joostfan to see if you still an invite.

  6. Dextrone says:



  7. Jason says:

    If you do get any more tokens , I would greatly appreciate if you could send one to me.


  8. samir says:

    send one my way if you get more invites in stock

  9. Benjamin Chi says:

    Please send me a token! 🙂 Orz

  10. toml says:


  11. iLEZ says:

    Invite, and nobody gets hurt.

  12. netpoint says:


    Please…can you send me one invite, please.

    Thank´s in advance

  13. Tin Nguyen says:


    if its no too late, can i please get an invite too? Thanks so much!

  14. Mrniceguy says:


    Me to please –

  15. ridgeratt2 says:

    i would like an invite too. Thanks

  16. Kingtoi says:

    Hey everyone here! Isnt our host rather good-looking? Probably one of the most attractive people I know. *Steches arms out wide*… boy what an amazing person… and such charity too!…

    ………….. ahem…. GIEF!!!!….


  17. Preman says:

    Please send me and invite… been waiting for a long time.
    Please help… thanks…

  18. Eugenio Prieto says:

    Please send me a token. Thank’s in advance.

  19. Paulo says:

    My wife controls the tv controler, help, I can then have happiness……

  20. Siddiq Bello says:

    Michael SKuhersky was invited but didnt accept once the token reverts it open to the next in line. Sorry folks there just arent that many.

  21. Cruleworld says:

    ah how i want a invite

  22. celebi23 says:

    If there are any left, I’d love a Joost invite as well.

    alexbttf (at) gmail (dot) com


  23. William Le says:

    Please send invite to

  24. xzilvinas says:

    please invite me

  25. joeyjermiah says:

    I could use one

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