Homeland Security cant tell LED from IED

Lite-Brite’s Shut-Down Beantown

That’s right folks Boston was brought to its knee’s yesterday by a number of suspicious looking devices planted all over the city. Police were called. Traffic was halted. Panic ensued, at least among panic prone politicos and Jack Bauer wanna-be ‘s. Thankfully, the bomb squad was called out and blew up a number of the devices. Yes thats right, the Bomb Squad! However, since the devices were LED not IED the Bomb Squad had to bring their own explosives with which to blow-up the devices.

The good folks at Making Light have some great commentary on the situation as does Boing Boing, and a bunch of other blogs (update: Best Week Ever chimes in). Wingnut media outlets have been apoplectic with outrage, putting out stories with headlines like:
Suspicious Device Diffused at Sullivan Square Not a Bomb (the “story”)
-Hey Fox, how do you diffuse a suspicious device? I’ve heard of people diffusing tension, diffusing situations and basically any type of potential energies but never a suspicious device. If its not a bomb then you cant really diffuse it can you?

MeatwadFrylockMaster Shake
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Terrorizes Boston
(the “rant”)
-So now all its takes to reduce a 400 year old city with a population of 4 million to cowering idiots, is three anthropomorphic fast food items named Master Shake, Fyrlock and Meatwad. Thanks Matt Drudge, thats good to know.

The fact that most of these “suspicious devices” were put up over 2 weeks ago doesnt seem to make it into many of the stories. Nor does that fact that 10 other cities’ have them hanging from different locations. So if your in NYC, Philly or Seattle, keep your eyes peeled for these. They’ve been taken down in the other cities apprently. These are hot items now and are going for as much as 5k on ebay, and they are going fast!

One Response to Homeland Security cant tell LED from IED

  1. PLee says:

    First want to say that this is my own personal view and not the company’s, next its not what the lite-bright boxes were, it is where they were placed. Under bridges !?! WTF, if I was the marketing director who outsourced this project I’d get RIF the crew in a NYMin. I personally think they did this just to get even more attention, that and throw some egg on the BPD, DHS, and even Turner Network because how can you gain street cred if you can’t throw some on yourself.

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