Are NYTimes Reporters Finally Starting to Get it?

we think

Yesterday, while loafing off doing online research, I came across a new book titled We Think, by Charles Leadbeater. I’ll write a bit more about it in future but the abbreviated and much simplified premise is that “professionals” are luddites who are threatened by participatory culture and media folks are among the worst of this group. But no sooner do I start to read his book when MoniMon sends me a great article over at the NYTimes thats actually seems to be created specifically for online reading. The article is about the wealth of fine arts content on YouTube and mirrors another article they did this summer but was impressive in that it had embedded links to the YouTube videos playing right in the page.

Could it be that the reporters at the NY Times are starting to actually think of their long-winded rants specifically for online reading? Might we see more media inclusion, perhaps even embedded links? Check out the article by Charles Isherwood, its not a bad read if your into the topic and as I mentioned it does contains embedded links to YouTube content. Of course I cant help but wonder if the videos are copyrighted content and if the is in fact supporting copyright infringement by linking to them?


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