AllofMP3 Brings Fight to Majors using Press

Its been brewing for months and very few sites can make enemies of the combined forces of the RIAA, the IFPI, and all 3 major labels without eventually succumbing to the pressure. It appears that the end may be near for our favorite quirk of globalization, Sure, everyone has been handicapping the tenacious band of music lovers and “consumer enthusiast” at, since they came to the media’s attention way back in 2001 and they are still here. Even I’ve predicted their deaths several times and have been proven wrong every time. But something is different now.

The generally media shy company has decided to hold a press conference on Monday to defend its honor against the US Trade Rep, Susan Schwab has unleashed against it. Earlier this month it came under scathing criticism in a report issued by Mrs. Schwab, in which she placed Russia on the US’s Priority Watch list for countries not sufficiently compliant with US economic interest. Russia placement on the list, second only to China, was credited with this distinction largely due to according to Mrs Schwab.

In a press release issued today came out swinging, (sure, they are little girly swings but hey, its a start). In the confusingly worded release, they make it clear that on Oct, 17th they are going to either speak to the press or post something on their site that will put Mrs. Schwab in her place. If you want to try and get in on the smackdown then holla’ at Rory Davenport over at Qorvis, he is the gatekeeper.

Mediaservices will address issues related to a business dispute with the major record labels over the online music site

Hey fella’s I know things work a bit differently over there but I can guarantee you that unless your going to announce that your giving up selling digital tracks by US artist as Mp3 files for pennies, then there is nothing that the labels really want you to address. The full press release is here.


2 Responses to AllofMP3 Brings Fight to Majors using Press

  1. squashed says:

    I put my money on the Russians

    Not that it matters. THe entire industry is about to croak under its own overhead soon anyway.

  2. […] decision to feature the survey on their homepage is what struck me as strange. Last year the US trade rep was on the war path and tried to get Russian strongman Vladimir “toxic tea” Putin to […]

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