Olbermann’s Beats O’reilly: Its all over for Fox News

Bill O’Reilly and FNC, officially Irrelevant?

Reflecting America’s revulsion with the shrill propaganda peddled by the neo-con zealots, the Fox News Channel (FNC) has been suffering a ratings slide that is only matched in intensity by the plunging credibility of the network. In desperation FNC is doing everything it can to sap the limited intelligence of ordinary Americans and dupe them back into watching the drivel on FNC. However according to many independent sources its not working, viewership continues to plummet, ratings continue to drop, people are turning away in droves and management has begun to panic.

Ok, so I havent watched MSNBC since Soledad O’Brien stopped being the cute tech girl, but thanks to YouTube, I’ve been able to catch Keith Olbermann skewer the junior president and show the other talking heads what integrity in news is about. His “Special Comment” segment has to be the only inspired commentary on television, and judging from his “popularity” in Google Trends and Blogpulse searches, many people agree with me about this. Interest in Fox News has fallen off a cliff, from ratings to buzz, the party appears to be over and Keith Olbermann is one of their many party crashers.

4 Responses to Olbermann’s Beats O’reilly: Its all over for Fox News

  1. David Weiner says:

    If you searched Blogpulse with the apostrophe between Bill’s O and R, you would, unfortunately, see a very different graph… I wish it were true…


  2. David Weiner says:

    Ooops. Nevermind… including all ways to spell both guys names (since they are often misspelled, as I just proved to myself), your chart was accurate.


  3. Siddiq Bello says:

    Actually if you misspell olbermann this way “obermann” you get a different chart. Also BlogPulse has tons of data errors. I’ve gotten different results using the same search terms.

  4. tunc akin says:

    soledad o’brien is still the greatest

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