Two Cartoons Infinite Insights

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I would have to write a book to say what these two cartoons do. Both cartoons via Boing-Boing.

This is is from a great book entitled Files are not for Sharing by Matthew Baldwin with art by Goopymart.

This one is from The Joy of Tech on Geek Culture.


2 Responses to Two Cartoons Infinite Insights

  1. range says:

    RIAA is so overrated right now. I don’t know why they are flexing their muscles so much recently, they should embrace the change and do something positive about it, instead of raiding teenagers sharing files. Do something like Apple did with iTunes.

  2. Tom Edwards says:

    I had pretty high hopes for the first comic from the thumbnail, but it somehow managed to completely screw things up. The obvious continuation from the robot frame is a different scenario involving duplicating the toy, so that both kids have one and the manufacturer gets nothing and, just to emphasise the point, goes out of business. But the artist goes off with some bizarre story about cats that barely touches the behaviour of copied files.

    Someone didn’t think things through…

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