One More and its a Trend

While not exactly rats fleeing a sinking ship, the exodus of Jason Hirschhorn and Ted Cohen from their cushy jobs helming digital media efforts within luddites firms seems directionally relevant. Were they finally beat down by years of pointing their respective companies in the right direction only to have some executive with a year end bonus to protect kill their ideas? Was it the chance to be the whipping boy for a series of clueless companies, rather then just one or the desire to pander to the whims of investors that made them jump? I dont know, but if one more long-time digital media proponent jumps ship I'm ready to call it a trend!

Check out the full stories on both departures here from MediaPost and here at Hypebot


2 Responses to One More and its a Trend

  1. Dan says:

    I can’t say that I am surprised by Ted Cohen’s move. Ted has been on the conference/networking warpath for the last 6+ years (check out his Linked In network…yikes!) and has never fit the “big business” mold. He’s an innovator and being an innovator at a company like EMI is often extremely frustrating. Big businesses are too slow for these guys. Anyone who has worked on a deal with MTV or EMI (especially post internet bubble pop) knows how slow change happens there. If you want a chuckle check out EMI’s main website, Doesn’t really look like the website for a record label that Ted Cohen would work for does it? Anyway, I believe Ted will do extremely well as a consultant…he knows everyone in the space, he’s good with strategy, and he’s easy to like.

    Additionally, I can’t say I’m surprised at Jason Hirschhorn’s departure either. Although I do not know him, it is hard for me to imagine how challenging it would be to push MTV further into the digital space. If their new “Urge” music service is any indicator or the company’s digital ambitions then MTV could be on a slow and painful donkey ride to failure in the space.

  2. Siddiq says:

    Good call Dan, this was posted to the Pho List by D. Ballantyne of Lyricfind. Any relation? -SB

    Just what led to the departure from EMI is a source of discussion, though
    one well-placed source pointed to a growing level of discomfort among top
    EMI brass over the extremely high-profile Cohen. The charismatic executive
    has become a fixture at nearly every digital conference and event around the
    globe, commanding high levels of attention and headlines throughout.
    Additionally, a sharp-witted, accessible demeanor and forward-leaning
    approach have helped Cohen become a darling of the mainstream press, a
    development that may have constituted a double-edged sword for a more
    reserved EMI. Meanwhile, many within the industry were well aware of the
    pending departure, even down to the date.

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