Turn CD’s into MP3’s without PC’s

Another cool toy via the good folks at Akihabara News. This time its OEM goodness that combines and SD card slot along with a USB key with a CD player for the ultimate in ripping convenience. What I find interesting about this product is that its the first one, I know of, that has ripping built into the hardware. With the press of a button your music magically moves from the CD your playing to the USB Key or SD attached to the player. With Gigabyte USB and SD cards on the horizon its only a matter of time before an enterprising OEM in Japan or Taiwan does the same thing for video.
Two companies are marketing these new CD Players: TransTechnology under the brand name EZ Digi Music (or MP-300) and SeaGrand Co., under the brand name Ez6. Both companies are based in Japan and their websites are a bit cryptic, especially with the ever hysterical Babelfish translations but it looks like you should be able to record a 60 minute CD to USB or SD card in about 15 minutes at top speed.

This is the kind of interesting and "user centered" functionality you are unlikely to find coming out of any of the large CE manufactures. I couldnt figure out what company the base design actually comes from, but just like in the early days of MP3 players in Korea, its a safe bet that the design innovations started "over there" will eventually migrate "over here".

Some more images of the Ez6/DigiMusic players for all your geek porn lovers out there.


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