Boondocks: MPAA Be Damned, Stealing Movies is In!

BOondocks food sign

“Stealing movies is a felony. It’s just like robbing the elderly. Or murder!”

I took a break from my busy schedule of fretting, reading and lounging, to watch the Boondocks premier on Monday and it was a bit of a disappointment. The much delayed season opener didnt have the same venom of last year. There were no gay rappers cavorting on screen, no re-animated martyrs using the N-word and no pedophiliac crooners peeing on underaged and overdeveloped fans.

While the opener toned down the vitriolic commentary on African-american life, it made up for it with an insidious anti-MPAA message. The show revolves around a trip to the movies to see Soul Plane 2: The Black-jacking. Grandpa sneaks into the movies with Huey, Riley and Jasmine and the typical hilarity ensues, peppered with much anti-MPAA rhetoric. Lampooning everything from the “Downloading is evil” messages that you’re forced to sit through to the overpriced popcorn, no movie theater pet-peeve is safe.

The most interesting part is the closing sequence when after several mis-adventures the moral wrap-up to the story is that people shouldn’t sneak into theaters, they should just buy the bootleg DVD or download the movie instead. In that spirit here is a link to the BitTorrent file for this episode.

2 Responses to Boondocks: MPAA Be Damned, Stealing Movies is In!

  1. i dont know if this is the site where u tell about someone stealing movies and reproducing them or not. If it is please email me at I have some information u need. thank u
    stella fischer

  2. Thats nothing The IANA us me bitch says:

    nuff said

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